Pipers Corner

Alumnae Association

We are proud of our history and of our journey through the decades since the school was founded. A lifelong membership of the Association means that you are part of that story and every girl, both now and in the future, who attends Pipers Corner School will benefit from, and build on, what girls in years before her have experienced. 

Each student has unique memories of Pipers Corner yet share an experience that unites everyone. It is the aim of Cornerstones to see that your experience does not end when you leave and with a network of events and communications to keep you in touch with everyone you have met, those that have influenced you and of course your friends and colleagues.


  • To create a community where former pupils can remain connected with each other through networking, social and professional initiatives wherever age or where they are in the world.
  • To foster and maintain a lifelong bond between Pipers and former pupils that reflect the values and vitality of the school.


  • To stimulate and strengthen loyalty and mutual assistance amongst former pupils.
  • To assist in providing the means to retain a meaningful and lifelong relationship with the school.
  • To develop a network that keeps former pupils in touch with each other and the school.
  • To help further professional endeavours by providing networking opportunities and mentorship.
  • To keep alive the special spirit and ethos of the school.
  • To support the Pipers Corner mission and vision.

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