Pipers Corner

Individual Learning

The Individual Learning Department comprises of three key specialist areas aiming to achieve the highest possible standards for all our pupils from 4 - 18

  • Learning Support Team
  • English as an Additional Language (EAL) provision
  • Able, Gifted and Talented provision 

 Our aims and objectives are:

  • To provide effective learning opportunities for all pupils
  • To provide suitable learning challenges
  • To respond to the pupils' diverse learning needs
  • To overcome potential barriers to learning for individuals and groups of pupils 

Our teachers recognise that our pupils learn in different ways and girls need to be provided with varied and stimulating learning activities to fulfill their potential. Our Head of Individual Learning is both a Chartered Educational Psychologist and a Teacher.

Our Individual Learning Department is accredited by CReSTeD (The Council for the Registration of Schools teaching Dyslexic pupils) as a centre within the heart of the school offering advice to pupils, parents and teachers alongside individual, group and class provision for supporting pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD)/Dyslexia across the school. 


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