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Learning Support Team

The Learning Support Team offers consultation, assessment and support across the school from 4 - 18.  We have two teachers who specialise in supporting English and Mathematics. The Head of Individual Learning is a Chartered Educational Psychologist.

Our environment aims to encourage and reward achievements so that pupils can fulfill their potential and to give pupils the confidence and encouragement to develop as independent learners.  We have pupils with a variety of needs including dyslexia, dyscalculia, speech and language difficulties and mild Autistic Spectrum conditions.

Positive and strong links with parents and carers is vital to our work in the department.

Due to the experience and expertise in the Department, we can offer advice in a variety of ways when a concern has been raised regarding a girl’s learning:

  • Consultations with key subject staff to offer advice and support on the difficulties, including classroom strategies or learning materials or equipment
  • Observations in the classroom to identify how the girl is coping with the content and pace of the lesson
  • Individual assessment undertaken by Specialist Teachers or Educational Psychologist
  • In class strategies delivered by the teacher on specific target areas and differentiated curriculum, as appropriate
  • In class teacher/teaching assistant support for identified areas of weakness
  • Small group withdrawal where a group or provision plan is devised

We find this encouragement and support allows girls to develop self confidence, self esteem and social skills as they grow into mature, confident and independent young women.

Our Individual Learning Department is accredited by CReSTeD (The Council for the Registration of Schools teaching Dyslexic pupils) as a centre within the heart of the school offering advice to pupils, parents and teachers alongside individual, group and class provision for supporting pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD)/Dyslexia across the school. 


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