Pipers Corner

Chaplaincy and Worship

The spiritual life of the school, with our Chapel as the focus, offers a variety of opportunities for worship and reflection.

The main role of the School Chaplain is to:

  • facilitate, mediate and represent spiritual life.
  • reach out to both students and staff with compassion.

This is achieved in a number of ways:

  • by behaving in ways that show the love of God.
  • by allowing questioning and debate about God.
  • through teaching.
  • by asking suitable and challenging questions.
  • by defusing awkward situations with gentleness.

In our current age we see a generation being swallowed up in consumerism and materialism. But young people, with their freshness and creativity are open to the spiritual life. Pipers Corner is, like all good schools, a place of experiment, where what is compelled is less important than the way life is lived out. The challenge is to form ethically informed young people in a secular world.

The Chaplain, representing the loving and tenacious care of the Church can offer alternative ways of behaving and thinking; and has the great privilege of access. This is a golden opportunity, even if it is only to honour and notice with more spiritual clarity what is already being done.

One of the wonderful things about Pipers Corner School is its Christian Foundation. Our concern is not just the academic aspect of the school, but how as a community we can foster an environment where young people can form deep values that will shape their future lives. As a Chaplain, my hope is that everyone young person that is part of our school grows in their sense of purpose, identity and self-worth through the spiritual support that is offered.

Rev. Mark Meardon

Collective worship

Whole School, House, Year Group and Departmental Assemblies provide a variety of opportunities for acts of worship of a broadly Christian character which challenge and enrich every member of the school. These are led by visiting clergy including the Chaplain, teaching staff and the girls. 

Each year there is a Carol Service at the end of the Autumn Term. A Leavers' Service is held on the last day of the school year in Hughenden Church. 

Finally, there is a Christian Union, which meet weekly. The aims is to offer girls a chance to explore the Christian faith and to have the opportunity for time to reflect on, and discuss faith issues in a safe setting.

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