Pipers Corner

Breakfast Club & Creche

Girls may be dropped at the Dining Room at 0730 hours to join Breakfast Club.  

This service is available for girls to use on an occasional or regular basis. Girls in Pre-Prep are also welcome to make use of Breakfast Club, however girls in these year groups must pre-book to use this facility and as part of this breakfast would be included. Pre-Prep girls will be directly supervised at a table in the Dining Room and will be escorted to Pre-Prep by a member of staff at 0815 hours. A standard charge of £3 per day will be added to the end of term bill.

At the end of the school day we offer a crèche for all age groups. It takes place in the Pre-Prep Department and the girls are offered a sandwich, fruit and a drink. The girls are able to play outside in the warm months or play and watch a DVD during the dark evenings.  There is no charge for this facility.

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